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Social Mobility

" At Fidelity we benefit from amazing people whose stories of disadvantage are about resilience, hope, hard work and courage. It is these different backgrounds that contribute to our talent and drive our diversity of thinking, helping us benefit from different perspectives and allow us to make better decisions."

Dipi McKernan - COO, Fidelity Holdings Limited and Executive Board Member

" Challenging these institutional “norms” and building teams where team strength comes from differences, not similarities, is critical for business success and to build a welcoming and inclusive culture."

Stuart Warner - Head of Technology

Committed to social mobility

We believe that talent, determination and core values should decide someone's career, not their social or economic background. We play an important role in increasing social mobility, inclusion and diversity whilst also ensuring we remove barriers to recruitment and career progression for those from a less advantaged background.

What we’re doing about it

  • We launched the Social Mobility Pledge to align our mission globally and set out our strategy going forward.
  • We partnered with the Real World Learning Project, upReach, Brightside and Lord Mayor's Appeal - #AllOfMe campaign.
  • We’re driving the recruitment and progression of those from a lower-economic background, by accessing a wider talent pool and mentorship.
  • We’re promoting the capturing and sharing of data to enable us to benchmark ourselves, set targets and track progress.
  • We encourage our people to participate in social mobility events all around the world.
  • We celebrate internal role models through our Social Mobility stories.
  • We’re a signatory of the Social Mobility Commission’s Employers’ Index.

Our People

Meet Andy Harrison, Senior Manager, Vulnerable Consumers Lead

“I grew up in a low-income family on a housing estate in West Yorkshire. I haven’t always found it easy to navigate the business world and sometimes felt that I wasn’t part of the in-crowd or didn’t know the secret codes and handshakes that open certain doors. Having made steady progress in my career, I am passionate about helping others from lower socio-economic backgrounds access the same opportunities I did.

I am working hard on our Social Mobility strategy to ensure people like me are identified in our talent searches and have access to the mentors and sponsors who can help them make the most of their talent too.”

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